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  We not only hire the best, but also provide encouragement, guidance and motivation for continual improvement.

Our training process starts from the day you accept our offer. A mentor (usually a senior employee, who is expert in your area of skills) will work with you to identify the finer aspects of your training. Till the time you join the company, mentor will work with you on one on one basis.

The process will continue even after you join the company, at which time, you will also be given 'on the job' training, by assigning you some components of in house projects. Your training will include communication and presentation skills, familiarity with the needs of the new work place, social, cultural requirement and so on. Your performance will be evaluated periodically.
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  Once you pass the evaluation, you will be placed at client projects. During the first six months at client site, mentor will continue to work with you and help you meet all client expectations.

We believe that training and professional development is an on going process. We provide several avenues for this. Regular company gatherings, which include technical presentations and group discussions (apart from fun, party and games) are one source. From time to time we call experts and conduct in house training for all employees in newer technical areas.
  Located near Boston and Cambridge, Sofnet is within minutes away from a large number of seminars and training courses, on practically everything (technical and non technical), that you will ever need. We encourage and reward , you for taking advantage of these.

Mentoring has its own benefits. Besides financial rewards, mentoring helps the mentor in his/her own career enhancement towards team lead and management roles. Over time we can help you become a mentor.

With all this, if we missed anything, just talk to your mentor and we will work with you to address your specific needs.

At Sofnet we believe the race is yours to win. You set the pace for your career and professional development and we help you reach there.

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