"In the industry full of consulting firms, Sofnet and their consultants
truly stand out. Their consultants are highly professional and efficient.
They have helped us in getting the projectsdone on time. Sofnet is
always able to make the right candidate available.

When we need outside consulting, Sofnet has been a great resource to our
Bill Kessel
Aspen Technology, Inc.

"About eight months ago our product development team at Politzer and Haney
had an urgent need for six highly qualified contract employees to develop
several key components for a new Java/EJB based web product.
Softnet Technology was able to quickly meet our needs. They pre-qualified
contracting candidates for our requirements, facilitated screening calls and
quickly set up interviews. We were fully staffed with excellent software
engineers in just a few weeks.
These software developers provided by Softnet Technology are highly
motivated and are excellent performers. They have been instrumental in the
success of our eConnection and eDisbursements products."
Tom Slade
VP of Development, Politzer and Haney

"Sofnet has provided us with many talented developers over the past few years.
We would have never made our deadlines without their help."
Dave Landy
Manager, Evergreen Funds

"Sofnet took the time to understand our needs and were able to quickly
supply quality candidates. Their candidates are pre-screened, significantly
reducing our recruitment effort. When you need outside consulting for your
project, call Sofnet."
Yi Sun
Director of Development, Authoria, Inc.

"Whether it is providing qualified consultants, or taking responsibility for complete projects, Sofnet has been a great resource to us. Last year when we needed to outsource a software project and bring on board a number of consultants, we contacted Sofnet. Sofnet was quickly able to understand our requirements, the need for quality and fast response and our constraints. They worked with all our managers on a diverse set of requirements and provided qualified, pre screened, candidates to all of them. Over time, all the selected candidates proved to be highly skilled and demonstrated excellent communication skills and work ethics.

Sofnet was equally cooperative in responding to our changing business needs from time to time. Whether it was a need to end some assignment or a need to hire some candidates for permanent, Sofnet kept our business interests ahead of everything else.

Sofnet showed equal expertise for our offsite projects. Their qualified staff interacted with our business units to gather requirements, managed the project professionally and delivered the project in a timely manner.

I would recommend Sofnet to anyone for their staffing or project needs."
Chris Haney
President and CEO, Potitzer Haney